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Fitness Assessments to Find Your True Ability

Before you begin to utilize our health and nutrition services, JDB Fitness will provide a personal assessment to all potential clients in Huntington, New York, and the surrounding areas. This will help your personal trainer create a customized workout program, catering each training session to your specific needs.

Assessment Details

Because JDB Fitness helps so many different types of people, we first need to find out your particular fitness level. Available for individuals with special needs, seniors, high schoolers, beginners, and experienced athletes, these valuations have solely you in mind. We take your goals into account and work them into training that focuses on weight loss, gaining strength, sharpening your sports skills, and creating other functional exercise techniques.

Begin Your Training

Once we have created a program for you, we will begin your fitness training. Each session is offered in either 30-minute or one-hour intervals, all focused on exceeding your potential in a safe environment. You're in control the whole time; our trainers will be in tune with you and your needs, helping you obtain your goals each session.

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Each training and exercise are diverse and all sessions offer something new. This allows you to push to your level, not someone else's. If we see you are struggling too much, we will pause to ensure you are not going to hurt yourself. Our personal trainers keep track of your progress to show you your development and areas you need to improve on, so rest assured you are fully taken care of.


Our price menus are based on the number of sessions that you're looking to purchase and discounts are available. For more information on our pricing or to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation, feel free to contact us.